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LIVE Broadcast of Dialogue Session @ Kebun Baru CC

Live TV by Ustream

Hi Folks, as promised, we are having a live feed of the Dialogue. For those of you who are unable to make it to the CC, you can SMS your questions to 82555944. To be fair, kindly understand that priority will be given to questions asked at the Forum. You can alternatively, leave your questions on the Facebook site here!

UPDATE: We understand the Audio is low for some. We're trying our best to rectify the situation. Thanks [RESOLVED]

Mayflower Food Centre 11.25 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru actively playing "masak masak".

Mayflower Food Centre 11.30 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower frying the BEST you tiao at Mayflower Food Centre.

Mayflower Food Centre 11.25 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower and MPs from Ang Mo Kio GRC bidding farewell to patrons of Mayflower Food Centre.

Mayflower Food Centre 11.15 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minsiter for Manpower and MPs from Ang Mo Kio GRC interacting with patrons of Mayflower Food Centre.

Mayflower Food Centre 11.00 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower and MPs from Ang Mo Kio GRC arriving at Mayflower Food Centre.

Mayflower Food Centre 11.05 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower arriving at the Mayflower Food Centre.

Schools that were once based in KB

Did you know Ai Tong School was once located in Kebun Baru?

Ai Tong School

Ai Tong School was once situated at Street 21, Ang Mo Kio. The school was there since January 1980. It was officially declared open by Mr Ho Kah Leong, then Senior Parliamentary Secretary (Education) on 9 Oct 1981.The school was relocated in 1993.

More info can be found on their official website here

Kebun Baru Primary School

Kebun Baru Primary School started functioning on 27 Jun 1983. It was then situated at Ang Mo Kio Ave 2. The school was officially opened by then the Member of Parliament, Mr Lim Boon Heng. Due to the dwindling number of school children, the school was merged with Ang Mo Kio Primary in year 2002.

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5 star toilet in Kebun Baru and Mayflower Food Center Trivia

Market and Food Centre upgraded in 2008 and started operations on Jan 1st 2009. We have a 5 star toilet here as well.


The famous stall at Mayflower Food Centre along Blk 160 / 162 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 is #01-14, vegetarian stall and fish ball stall at #01-30 and the "You Tiao" stall at #01-16

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Mayflower Plaza

Mayflower Plaza situated in fromt of Blk 162 Mayflower Food Centre is place Kebun Baru host many functions such as the Wellness Carnival, Kebun Baru Emergecy Preparedness Day, Inter-Generations Sports Day. Line Dance Nights etc.

St. Nicholas Girls School

St Nicholas Girls’ School was founded on 16 Jan 1933. For the past few decades, it was situated at Victoria Street. It also made use of the various borrowed premises like Tao Nan School, the former RGPS and schools at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 and Avenue 10, Ang Mo Kio before it started functioning at its new and well-equipped premises at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 2, Street 13 on 2 January 1985.

The school was officially opened on 23 August 1986. It has operated as one of the nine Special Assistance Plan Schools since 1979 and a single session school since January 1986. It is a full school with 36 primary classes (including Pre-Primary) and 43 Secondary Classes.The school is now headed by Mdm Chan Wan Siong. The school motto is “ Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in duty”.

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Station 4-Mayflower Secondary School (Facts and Info)

The Mayflower Secondary School is located in this part of Kebun Baru. This is an excellent neighbourhood school which is popular among residents in Ang Mo Kio. In addition to academic performance, Mayflower Secondary has done very well in the Arts and produces a number of high quality performances over the last few years. Additionally, a few years ago, the grassroots organizations of Kebun Baru helped the school to raise enough funds to air-condition the school hall. This one of the few schools with an air-conditioned school hall. About $80,000 was raised to help fund this. Do you know that Mayflower is scoring another first soon – in a couple of months, its indoor sports hall will be ready. This is an impressive building being built and is among the first schools in Singapore to get this indoor sports hall. Mr. Inderjit Singh has spent a lot of time with the school including promoting entrepreneurship among students.

LIVE Video @ Mayflower Market at 11.10 AM - Welcome by YOG Cheerleaders

Video at Mayflower Mall @ 11.00 AM

Sembawang Hill Estate 10.55 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru planting a new tree at Sembawang Hill Playground.


Manpower Minister planting a tree at Kebun Baru!!

Dragon Dance

From Mayflower Secondary School. The ethnic fusion, bringing to you Modern Dragon Dance. A lovely twist

St Nicholas Girls School Chinese Orchestra

The girls from St Nicholas Girls School displaying their talents.

Sembawang Hill, 10.39 - Line Dancing by Healthy Lifestyle Team

Enjoy the video! Line Dancing by Healthy Lifestyle Team.

Sembawang Hill Estate 10.36 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru being greeted at Sembawang Food Centre.

Sembawang Hill Estate 10.37 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and MPs of Ang Mo Kio GRC being greeted by "Pom Pom" Girls of Sembawang Hill Estate.

James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning

James Cook Australia, Institute of Higher Learning (also known as JCU Singapore) is a majority owned company of James Cook University Australia, the leading tropical research university in Australia. The university established the company in Singapore in 2003 as part it’s expressed intent of internationalising its activities and in pursuit of its vision of “Providing a Better Life for People in the Tropics”.

The University offers a suite of university level programs at the JCU Singapore campus; specifically Undergraduate programs in psychology, business, marketing, tourism, information technology, and environmental science

- Post graduate programs in psychology, guidance, counseling, business, information technology
- Doctorate programs in psychology
Importantly all programs offered follow the same curriculum as the Australian versions but are contextualised to the Asian environment. This ensures high quality, while at the same time maintaining a local relevance. Additionally JCU Singapore offers courses at the pre-university, levels specifically designed to provide pathway for student who are unable to immediately attain university entrance standards. The pre university programs are :

- English language preparatory programs (4 levels designed to improve student’s English to the level required for University undergraduate or post graduate degrees)

-Foundation program (an eight month university preparation program for students who are unable to meet our normal entrance requirements)

Student enrolment at the campus has grown rapidly from 50 students in 2003 to approximately 2000 students in 2010. The campus is truly multi cultural with students from Singapore and across Asia, in particular China, India, Indochina, Indonesia and Malaysia. Additionally study abroad students enrol from Europe and the United States.

The JCU Singapore campus is situated at 600 Upper Thomson Rd. The campus provides students with access to a full range of facilities and services to support their learning. Facilities include lecture and seminar rooms, a fully equipped library, computer laboratories, an onsite bistro and access to a variety of sporting facilities. All students are provided with a free laptop on enrolment (conditions apply) to ensure easy access to our electronic learning aids and the campus is fully “wired” enabling student to connect anywhere anytime.

All courses are registered with Ministry of Education (Registration Number MOE 3021) and our operations are governed by Case Trust. In 2008, we achieved the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organisations accreditation. The campus provides the opportunity for international and local students to earn a “real Australian degree” without leaving Singapore.

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Lower Pierce Resevoir

Did you all know that Pierce Resevoir is part of Kebun Baru's Landscape?

There's a group of Kebun Baru residents who exercise regulary everyday (except Sunday) at Piece Reservoir since the 90s. They exercises range from Qi Gong, Singapore Workout, Taiji and now also includes fan dance. In 2008, the group is formalise under the Wellness Programme Sub-Group.

One of the regular participant, Mr Yang Wee Ching is a KB resident. He is 78 years old. Rain or shine, he and his wife will bring the portable amplifier to the reservoir for the exercise.

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LIVE Video Sembawang Hill Estate 10.26 am - Station 3

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru touring the Serbawang Hill Estate Taxi "Pondok".

SEMBAWANG HILL ESTATE: A Walk down the Memory Lane ...


Sembawang Hills Estate was developed in the 1950s by Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd. There were 1,200 units of single storey terrace, semi-detached, and bungalow houses built in phases. A row of shops operated along the slope of Jalan Leban leading down to Upper Thomson Road. One of them is Radiant Store which sold shoes, comics and magazines. There was a bar at the corner called Sembawang Café which was a popular hangout for the Maoris, British and Australian servicemen ( members of the ANZUK forces). Besides the Radiant Store owned by a Chia family there was also a store selling fishing rods, reels, hooks, etc. There used to be coffee shop (kopi tiam) also in this strip. Directly opposite this row of shop houses was a hut where the Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi Services stand stood.

Some hawker stores operated on the other of the road. Ah Seng was the noodle vendor and Ah Tiam the coffee seller. Another store sold char kuay teow. In 1974 this area was converted into a hawker centre.

There were stores, then, selling rojak, ngoh hiang, fried hor fan, etc. One had to pay 5 cents to use the public toilet in this hawker centre. Further up, along Jalan Kuras/ Jalan Gellengang there was yet another row of shops. At the corner there used to be a provision store called ‘Soon Huat’. A few stores away stood a bar called ‘Kasbah’ and yet another bar is situated at the corner end. Kasbah was owned by a Sikh family. This bar served Indian cuisines. The other bar was more western oriented where fish and chips and steaks were mainly served. There was also a Bak Kut The restaurant along this strip. In those time the noodle seller would send a kid walking around the estate knocking two small bamboo sticks to get orders ……tik tok tik tik tok ….. There was also an old lady from the village who wore a sharp pointed straw hat and carried two huge pots at the opposite end of a long bamboo pole. In one pot she had soon kwei (steamed bamboo shoots) and the other char bee hoon.

One of the highlights of the week in the early days was the Sunday night market or pasar malam – night temporary stores that stretched over a mile along Upper Thomson Road. The market offered toys, textile, clothing, footwear, jewellery, records, cooked food, etc. Most of the stores were simply wooden tables and makeshift stands where goods were displayed. It was magical experience to walk the entire stretch lit by hurricane lamps and immersed yourself in the spirit of the environment. Songs like Susan Lim’s “Silver Thread & Golden Needles”, and others by Naomi and the Boys, Rita Chao, Sakura Teng, the Crescendos, Thunderbirds, and the Quests were heard as one strolled along the stores. A number of gurkhas sold jewellery, seated on the ground with their precious stones placed on a piece of cloth. You could always see kris-like dagger on the cloth. People know that the gurkhas were not to be trifled with. There were rumours that the vendors paid protection money to local gangsters but the gurkhas were left alone. Most of the vendors travelled there by van. So they were like a ‘caravan of traders’ who moved in on a Sunday evening, set up their stores, traded and broke camp around midnight. In later years the pasar malam shifted to Old Upper Thomson Road. It was still operating there in the early 70s.

In the early 60s the old taxi stand is simply a hut for the drivers to rest, have their coffee and read their papers while waiting for customers to call on them personally. There was also a telephone in the hut where bookings were received. It was simple wooden hut with open windows and one or two doors. It was built by Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd and handed over to the taxi drivers to maintain it till today. The group had been very active in the area especially organizing events such as the 7th month “hungry ghosts” festival and put up wayangs in those days but singing performance these days.

Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew visited this stand 47 years ago (1963) when he was prime minister. The stand today has brick paving and plants at the side, with little light bulbs and lanterns hanging under the roof. A sign “Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi Services” under the roof. There were also louver windows on its four sides.

Currently, the group of taxi drivers still operating there are on average about 68 years old. This taxi stand is one of two such taxi stands still existing in Singapore. It is indeed a heritage which should be retained.

The Sembawang Hill Food Centre was built in 1974. It was closed for about five months from 15th October, 2002 to 26th February, 2003 for upgrading under the Hawker Centre Upgrading Program (HUP). After it was upgraded the food centre had improved ventilation and lighting, thanks to the new higher timber roof structure. The colour scheme after upgrading was more earthly and natural tone to reflect the less urban surrounding environment. Floors were retiled and better seating arrangements catering to different group size. The electrical, exhaust and plumbing systems were enhanced. Food available received very good comments from customers such as Lontong from Yong Kee; prawn and abalone clam noodles from Meng Kee Abalone Clams Prawn Noodles; the famous Shui Kway; popiah from Ping Kee Popiah; fruits & juices from Kwok Fruits & Juice; fish ball noodles from Ah San Fishball Noodles.

Over the years there were changes of F&B outlets along the row of shop houses in Jalan Leban. Modern shops had since opened such as “Ivins”. Palm Village with its hakka cruisine had been around for more than three decades. Similarly, along Jalan Kuras/Jalan Gellengang new shops also sprung up such as “Shop n Save”. Although there was no more pasar malam, the place is still crowded especially during week-ends with customers coming from outside the estate.

Today the environment around has changed with more and more 2 and 2 ½ storeys houses be it terrace or otherwise being built. In fact, around 30% of residents in this old estate moved in not more than 5 years ago. Part of the estate had been upgraded under the EUP in 2004 with the rest to be upgraded in the upcoming EUP to be executed soon.

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Kebun Baru Bestari RC 10.21 am - Horticultre Appreciation

Senior Grassroot Member from Kebun Baru Bestari RC sharing their Hortriculture project to Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower.

Sembawang Hill Estate 10.24 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower touring Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi "Pondok".

Kebun Baru Bestari RC - Chatting with Residents

Residents having a chat with Manpower Minister and MP Mr Inderjit Singh.

Station 3 - Sembawang Hill Estate 10.20 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru arriving at the Sembawang Hill Estate Taxi Stand

Kebun Baru Bestari RC 9.50 am - Lovely paintings by KB children

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru admiring children's art at Kebun Baru Bestari RC.

Kebun Baru Bestari RC - Manpower Minister is unveiling the plaque

Kebun Baru Bestari RC - Manpower Minister is unveiling the plaque.

Kebun Baru Bestari RC - Exercise with the Residents!

Mr Gan, the Minister for Manpower is exercising with Kebun Baru residents.

Station 4 for Ministerial Community Visit - Bird singing areas

Do you know that one of the biggest bird singing areas in Singapore is located in this part of Kebun Baru. It is just next to the Ang Mo Kio West park and near the market area.

There is a bird singing club here which organizes regular activities and competitions. In fact many international bird competitions have been held in this location with competitors from around Asia and the world coming.

About a few years ago, an international film was shot in this location. The film called Cages starred some well known Asian stars!

LIVE Video Kebun Baru Bestari RC 10.11am - Callisthenic excercises with the residents

Mr Gam Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and MPs from Ang Mo Kio GRC participating in callisthenic excercises with the residents.

Kebun Baru Bestari RC 10.05 am - Horticulture Appreciation.

Backview of Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower appreciating hortriculture at Kebun Baru Bestari RC.

Appreciating Chinese Tea Ceremony at Kebun Baru Bestari RC 10.03am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru appreciating Chinese Tea ceremony at Kebun Baru Bestari RC.

Manpower Minister is planting a tree at Kebun Baru- Sterculia parvifolia

Sterculia parviflora is a species of plant in the Sterculiaceae family. It is found in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Sterculia parvifolia
Small tree. Endemic, Penang, Perak, Selangor, on hills. Narrow leaf blade, flowers 1cm, reddish pink, pods to 4cm

Mr Gan Kim Yong will be planting this tree at Station 3.

Wellness activities at block 257

Residents gather for time of callnestnic exercises. Every Tuesdays and Thursday at the void deck Block 257 conducted by Kebun Baru grassroot leader. This is jointly organised by the AMK Family service centre and Kebun Baru Wellness programme. Both able bodied and physically challenge not only enjoy time of exercise but the bonding during these sessions. It started between 20 to 30 residents now has grown to almost 90 residents.


An icon in Ang Mo Kio, HDB block 259 stands tall at the junction of Ang Mo Kio Avenues 1 and 2. It’s a unique design, the one and only circular HDB block in Singapore is in the Kebun Baru constituency. Block 259 consists of 96 apartments, 4 units on every floor. The apartment owners moved in sometime in 1980 and have been enjoying the amenities that Bishan Park offers besides the unobstructive view and breezy environment.Residents of block 259 are closely-knit, greeting each other in lifts and void deck, inviting neighbours to their homes at ethnic celebrations and lending a helping hand when needed.

Circular block 259 is undergoing a main upgrading programme (MUP) and now boasts of a new feature to each apartment - bay windows from floor to ceiling giving the owners an unobstructive view and enhancing the overall landscape

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Active Senior Citizen Award -Mrs Charis Tan, PBM

Mrs Charis Tan, PBM, Vice-Chairman of Kebun Baru Bestari RC (Former Chairman of Kebun Baru Bestari RC) was awarded the Active Senior Citizen of the Year winner on 18 November 2001.
The Senior Citizens' Awards provide a platform for Singaporeans to honour special seniors who have inspired others and played a positive role in life. Senior citizens contribute a great deal through their dedication to work, volunteering, enterprise, sharing their wealth of experience, and keeping the family close-knitted. They are the true role models of any society.

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LIVE Video Kebun Baru Bestari RC 9.55 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower officially opening Kebun Baru Bestari RC at Block 253 Ang Mo Kio Street 21.

KB Bestari RC 9.50 am. Manpower Minister arrives at the next location!

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower arriving at Kebun Baru Bestari RC.

Kebun Baru Bestari RC

Kebun Baru Bestari RC was founded in 1980. The name ‘Bestari’ which means intelligent was a choice of grassroots leaders and residents. Bestari RC promotes social cohesion and community bonding through numerous activities organised throughout the year.

Some of the activities are:

Block Pot Luck Parties

The Pot Luck Parties started in 1991 with about 50% of the residents responding. Today, there is an attendance of more than 70%.

This event has become something the residents look forward to as it fosters friendship and creates a warm living environment for the residents

Vehicle Watch Group at Block 259

One other initiative that Bestari RC started was the Vehicle Watch Group in April 2007 – a project headed by Mr Wong Teck Ling. This group helps to look after one another’s car eg. car lights not switched off, keys left at the car door etc. Residents in this Group would then refer to a list and inform the car owner.

Dedicated committee members have spent many hours in door to door visits rallying the residents by organising community projects such as collection of old newspapers, healthy lifestyle events at Bishan Park and the annual fund-raising projects with the S’pore Red Cross Society to name a few.

One very active member who rose to the rank of Chairman and has served in that capacity for more than 3 consecutive years is Mrs Charis Tan Soke Chin, PBM. She was awarded the Active Senior Citizen of the Year 2001 and was the first recipient of the Active Senior Citizen of the Year – 18 November 2001. Charis, a familiar face with residents is approaching 80 years of age and is still actively involved in serving the community as an RC vice-chairman. She has served Kebun Baru since 1989 and the Singapore Red Cross since 1958.

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Kebun Baru Bestari RC - 9.44 am - Waiting for Manpower Minister's Arrival.

Percussion Group from Kallang Community Club forming the welcome entourage prior to arrival of Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower at Kebun Baru Mestari RC.

Popular Food - Uncle Leong Crab

Uncle Leong’s crab is a popular restaurant located at block 234 coffee shop. The are very well patronized everyday an especially at night. Sometimes you can see queues forming waiting to get a seat. Because of this, some residents have complained to MP Inderjit Singh about the lack of parking spaces when they come back from work at night. Upon Mr. Singh’s instruction, a number of seasons parking reserved or red lots have been created but some residents are asking for more lots to be converted to season lots. Mr. Singh is studying this to see how to find the right balance. Our residents are the first priority but we also need to support the businesses locate in our estate. Mr. Singh is confident of finding the right balance for everyone.

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Bestari RC Celebrating Deepavali in 2006

Bestari RC was probably the first among RCs in Singapore to have the President of Singapore attending an RC event. In 2006 the RC organized a Deepavali function where President and Mrs Nathan attended as guests of honour. The event was very impressive with very high quality performances by residents, students of schools around as and our very own grassroots performance groups. Equally impressive was the turnout of more than 1000 residents comprising people of all races. Everyone has an enjoyable time.

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Kebun Baru Mall 9:30 am - Minister is heading for the next station!

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower bidding farewell to residents at Kebun Baru Mall.

LIVE video at Kebun Baru Mall 9.20 am

Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Minister for Manpower and Mr Inderjit Singh, MP for Kebun Baru interacting with residents at Food Court @ Kebun Baru Mall.

Palmview RC Gateball

Kebun Palmview RC has an active gateball group which practices regularly. It comprises many senior citizens and they took part in national competitions as well.

Most of the players are senior citizens but among them is a teenager. This team is very active and plays in many competitions. In fact just last Sunday, Mr. Inderjit Singh witnessed the finals of the Gateball Association of Singapore’s Annual competition and guess what, the team from this RC beat more than 20 teams from all around Singapore to become the champions.

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Palm View Estate

Palm View Estate.

First precinct in KB to go through the Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP).
The Announcement was made on 27 November 1994 and completion date was on 30
November 1999. The first precinct was Blk 229-235 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 under
Palm View Estate (LUP).

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